Monday, May 3, 2010

Go The Distance.

Would I traverse the globe just to hear you sing?
Yes, one sweet melody would mean the world to me.
With a grin on your face, it is your presence that I would embrace.
Hear me out and wish me well; soon, I will make your heart swell.
The moon guides my path tonight on this red-eye, spontaneous flight.

Your atmosphere will hold my heart secure.
And now, I have never been so sure
Of my father's words to me, his smile so aglow,
"When you know, dear, you will just know."

Now, the world is hushed and the sun has gone to rest,
So, I lie awake while my thoughts take me out west.
I need your voice to sing me to sleep; to rock me gently until I no longer blink.
I know your pillow will be next to mine soon,
And I will hear your smiling whispers as I lay in our sweet coccoon.

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