Monday, June 7, 2010


I would search for your voice if ever it became lost.
So precious it is to me, that I could never count the cost.
Your words and mine; so perfectly intertwinted.
I crave your sweet nothings that drip onto my tongue.
I simply could not go a day without them; my sweetest one.

Everyday, my mind is filled with the lyrics from your lips.
They have become our story, yes, even our script.
You are my better half; the reason I have to laugh.
This life is easier when I come home to your voice,
It is certain that I have made the best choice.

So, please, dear, whisper your love in my ear
To remind me that you are still so near.
Watch me smile, listening all the while,
To the voice that makes me full and whole,
To the one whose heart I finally stole.