Thursday, February 4, 2010

Burn Out.

And so I followed his lead, as we ended up in the valley of deep shadow and foolish regret.

... My map had predicted this, if only I had believed.

Without a plan, without a helper and past all moral sense, we fell deeper and deeper. There was no roadblock; no stopping us from being passengers on this fast track, downward plummet. It was dark and cold when I realized that I had been alone all along. I should have listened to you and to them.

... But I crumpled my map and I burned it up a long time ago.

Then I set fire to my bridges and I left without a word. Where did I think I was going? I wonder if you are thinking of me tonight, as I lie in this bed I have made. Now I understand what you were trying to say to me, with your tear stained cheeks and your heavy heart. But my watch has stopped and I am afraid it is too late. All I can taste now is the bitterness of flirting with disaster.

... Please send me a map and I will crawl out of this hole back to you.

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