Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I give up. The time has come for me to have my own blog. Even though I feel the pressure to be consistently creative, I feel safe knowing I will have a creative outlet whenever I feel like it. Here goes.

* * *

My dad recorded "The Late Show with David Letterman" on our VCR each night while I was growing up. He would screen it for my innocent eyes - skipping over the boring guests or the raucous skits - and we would watch the highlights the next evening over dinner. No matter what, though, we always watched the top ten list. I can confidently say that because of David Letterman, I am a life-long list lover. They rule my life and I believe each individual should have their own top-ten list - a personal history or just some fun facts about themselves. Here is mine.

1. I have never seen myself living anywhere but Indianapolis. Don't hate.
2. I have played guitar and written and recorded music for ten years, but because of my shyness most people that know me have never heard me play.
3. I never went to college and I don't mind you knowing that.
4. I place great importance on interesting, thought-provoking conversations, but I have been known to overuse the phrase, "talk is cheap".
5. I struggle with an addiction to McDonald's Diet Coke.
6. I believe in having a handful of proven, trustworthy friends, rather than an arsenal of acquaintances.
7. I will forever be a dog person. Cats (NOT kittens) are extremely lame.
8. I have very little fashion sense and mostly rely on others to plan and approve my outfits through the use of mobile phone picture messaging capabilities.
9. I believe Chef Boyardee to be a culinary genius.
10. I have to sing my ABC's to recall alphabetical order and I still count on my fingers. Perhaps #3 needs more consideration.

Nice to meet you, too.


  1. Welcome! ....ditto for me on number 10.

  2. Ha, I pretty much have been using exactly #10 on every "Things about me" quiz since there creation (not that that makes yours any less awesome... in fact, MORE awesome).

    #6 - Very, very true!

  3. I agree with number ten also, about the alphabet.. and I worked in a library.. how embarrassing.

  4. I left you a gift at my place. Check it out! And start blogging more!!!!